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Was Jesus PUNISHED by the Father? | Challenging Penal Substitution | Joshua Tongol

What is wrong with the EVANGELICAL GOSPEL? Penal substitutionary theory is at the heart of the evangelical gospel. BUT what if it is WRONG?

Why does it matter? Our understanding of the Cross shapes our understanding of how we view God. And how we view God shapes the way we live.

Problems with penal substitution:

-Divides the Trinity -Distorts forgiveness -Contradicts the life and teachings of Jesus Christ -Misunderstands justice -Never found in parabolic form

Recommended resources:

“Stricken by God?” by Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin “The Jesus Driven Life” by Michael Hardin “A New Kind of Christianity” by Brian McLaren “Jesus and the Undoing of Adam” by C. Baxter Kruger “Razing Hell” by Sharon Baker

Soundtrack: “Ambient Night” by Eugene Serov (SZ Music)