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Update + Santa Barbara + Forthcoming Book = Here ya go!

For those in the area, Remy and I will be in Santa Barbara October 7-8. We’d love to meet you! Here’s the information below:

LOCATION: The School of Jesus Community House 720 Bath St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101


6-7:30 (book signing will follow at the end)

On October 7, I’ll be speaking to a class of around 40 students (which is open to the public). I’ll be sharing a bit of my journey and answering questions. (This should be fun!).

On October 8, I’ll be at SBHOP (House of Prayer) being recorded, and answering questions for “The Golden Lampstand,” which is an upcoming magazine and website designed to provide a unifying platform for various pioneering voices.

Oh, and before I forget to mention, the “God Outside the Box” conference in Minnesota was amazing!  For one whole week, we had hours and hours of conversations everyday. We opened up our hearts, encouraged one another, shared our questions/doubts, but loved and accepted one another without any judgement. (For this reason, I decided not to record any of the sessions to respect people’s privacy.)

(LEFT PHOTO: Remy with our beautiful hosts, Sue Beach and Jacqui Grant of “The Wilderness Lodge”)

(RIGHT PHOTO: Some folks who attended. I swear, the dog went in between my legs out of nowhere lol!)


Also, last week we announced on Facebook that we plan on moving overseas possibly next year. Being in the USofA has been such a great experience so far, but we never had any plans of settling here for too long. So if you wanna connect and hook up with us in the following months before we leave, then let us know.

Last but not least, many have been asking if I’ll be writing another book and, well, I just finished the first draft of my second book a few days ago! Yipee!

As for the subject of the book, let’s just say it’s gonna be pretty different than the first one. And let’s also say that you’re gonna have to have a pretty open mind to digest some of the things I say in it as well–that is, if you come from a traditional Christian background. But hey, being stretched is all part of the journey, right?

I’ll be sharing more about the book as it goes through the publishing process. So be on the lookout!

Much love,

Josh and Remy


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