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Things You Never HEAR in Church (MUST WATCH!!) – Part 1 – Joshua Tongol

Date: April 13, 2013 Location: El Paso, Texas

At this event, Joshua Tongol was asked not to “hold back” (which he did not!) but to share anything that was on his heart. He discussed the problems of fear-based religion and offered alternative ways to understand God and spirituality.

People were given opportunities to ask questions about God and religion that, in many places, religious people are too afraid to ask in church. (See Part 2: “THINGS YOU DON’T ASK IN CHURCH”)

Most of the attendees are unchurched (or have left the institutional church) but who still have an interest in spirituality and in God. (Is that possible?)

Many people today are tired of institutionalized religion. But is there another way?

Topics discussed:

-How has religion been used to control people? -What motivates you to believe in God? -Is religion based on fear? -Is everything spiritual? -Can we be real with one another? -Is God “out there”? -How should I view myself? -How does God see us? -Can we love someone more than we love God? -Can we pray religiously? -Does God get jealous of the things you love? -Is God insecure? -What about “Christianese”? -Are your friendships based on ministry? -Is Jesus like a costume that covers us filthy sinners? -Should we really believe in an eternal hell? -Is the Gospel we hear today really good news? -Is God in everyone? -Is our love greater than God’s love? -Is God’s love conditional? -What is the life of the church? -Are you tired of church? -Are you afraid to question your religious beliefs? -How should we view others from different religions? -Were we ever separated from God? -How can we live in the moment? -Are we all children of God?

Listen in as Joshua Tongol shares his heart and answers questions on this very subject. It might give you a different perspective on things.


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