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Spiritual Direction With Joshua Tongol (Limited Time Offer)


Hi friends,

For almost a decade I’ve been sharing my spiritual journey online with the world. In fact, my audience has seen me not shy away from thinking outside the “institutional walls” of Christianity, willing to ask the hard questions.

That being said, countless people ask me for help on a regular basis.

But before I move on, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Are you questioning your faith?

Have you left the institutional church?

Thinking of quitting ministry?

Not sure how to live after religion?

In other words, are you struggling in a particular area of your “spiritual life” and would like to have me, Joshua Tongol, personally help you? If so, for a limited time, I’m offering a private, one-to-one Skype call concerning any of the situations mentioned above.

You see, sadly, it’s quite common for those who have left the ‘church’ (or those disillusioned with religion) to feel isolated and confused.

So I wanna help bring a change to that.


• A Compassionate, Listening Ear • Experience a New Found Freedom • Have Someone Believe in you • Reprogram Self-limiting Beliefs • Offer Encouragement and Guidance • Be Empowered to Live the Life you Want to Live

Offer is limited to the FIRST 20 participants!

(Price will change to $200 per hour afterward)

Rates: $150 Per Hour (1 Session)