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Listen to “The Secret to Awesomeness.” Yup, it’s now an Audiobook!


Well, I have some exciting news for you!!

Yup, that’s right, “The Secret to Awesomeness” is now available as an audiobook!!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: The Secret to Awesomeness

So WHO is the one reading it? YOURS TRULY!

I’ve had so many people tell me that they love listening to audiobooks as they drive or while they’re doing things around the house. So I thought, “Josh, it’s about time you made one!”

During the recording, I felt strong emotions as I read my own personal stories. What an experience!! But a good one indeed!! You’ll actually get to HEAR my heart on topics such as the subconscious mind, creating, loving yourself, healing, following your dreams, manifesting money, loving life and other topics that are important for everyone to think about.

If you’d like to purchase the paperback or kindle version of the book, click here: The Secret to Awesomeness

Happy reading…errr…I mean LISTENING! (Or both!) Thanks for all the love and support.

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