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Let Me Share My Heart With You … Are You Willing?

Wasup everyone!

Before I tell you about a campaign I just started, let me give a little back story.

It all started with questioning.

For several years I was a traveling Christian speaker, teacher, pastor, evangelist, and missionary. I went to Bible school and even received two degrees in theology (B.A. & M.A). My goal at the time was to travel the world and defend the Christian faith as an apologist.

Now, I’ve always been the type to ask questions, but during those years as a missionary to the Philippines, I finally found the courage to sincerely question some of my fundamental beliefs as an evangelical Christian. And to be honest, it wasn’t easy.

But with all the nagging thoughts, genuine questions, and eye-opening experiences I was having, I just knew—in order to be true to myself—it was time for me to finally let some of my “beliefs” go.

Thankfully, because of my Youtube Channel (which has over 1 million views and counting), I’ve been able to share my spiritual journey with the rest of the online world. And I’ve produced more than 180+ FREE VIDEOS which have helped countless people recover from legalism and fear-based religion.

Yet, there was a price to pay … literally. Not only did I lose many of my close relationships within the religious community, but I lost a lot of financial support and opportunities as well.

But the lack of support and constant pushback from critics didn’t stop me from sharing my ideas. I eventually self-published two books called So You Thought You Knew and The Secret To Awesomeness.

And now I have this new project called The Flipside Podcast.

It’s the show where I ask the hard questions about God, religion, philosophy, faith, doubt, healing, pop-culture, and whatever else is on my mind!–boldly saying in public what many people are thinking in private. No pulling any punches. No sugar-coating. Just straight-up real talk!

What makes this so different from my previous videos/audios is that this time … it’s just me and you.

But I need your help.

Other than being a full-time activist, author and speaker, this podcast is my job. I’d love to focus more of my efforts on this powerful medium. And since I’ve been using the internet for many years for the purpose of spreading knowledge, I also know how expensive it is to produce and distribute quality content. (Up until now, everything I’ve created online has come out of my own pocket.)