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Joshua Tongol – “The Place” Interview With Michael and Rhonda Jones

If I can’t put atheists first, then I’m not willing to be last, and if I can’t do unto others as I would do unto myself, then I’m not like Christ. So, am I willing to wrestle with questions outside of my comfort zone, or am I just too afraid of change. ~michael w. jones

List of some of the questions asked during this show: 1. Is it ever moral for any father to have his child beaten beyond recognition and tortured to death so that he can help/forgive the rest of his children? 2. What caused you to start questioning the bible and its doctrines? 3. Have we always been God’s children? or did a prerequisite have to be met for us to be considered His children? 4. Do all of us deserve the Father’s love, support, and protection, or should we feel undeserving? 5. What is unconditional love and acceptance? And why do you advocate them so much? 6. What are your thoughts on penal substitution, Christus Victor, and other atonement theories? 7. Do you think that the bible is actually God’s word or is it simply what man said God said? 8. What is the difference between religion and following Christ? 9. We’ve been hosting a series entitled, “Is Church Harmful?”, what are your thoughts on this? 10. What are the three biggest ‘sacred cows’ in the church/religion today?

The Place: michael and rhonda jones with special guests: Joshua Tongol and Michael Fulford – Captured Live on Ustream at


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