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It Starts Here // Spoken Word

SW Love Yourself Thumbnail

Start here.

Yup, that’s what this video is about.

Before you go out and try to …

change the world …

pursue happiness …

or enter a relationship.

Start here.

Because doing this one thing first … changes everything.

I hope you get inspired by my first Spoken Word Poetry video.

*Lyrics of Poem Below* (© All Rights Reserved.)

If you were to look at yourself in a mirror right now, what would you see?

Too fat. Too skinny. Ears are too big. Or your eyes too small.

Little things you hate about yourself … or maybe you don’t like yourself all. I don’t know

Now if you were to look directly into your eyes in a mirror right now, what would you feel?

Pain? Fear? Guilt? Shame?

Things you don’t like talking about yet they already have a name. It’s rising.

Now let me be straight up with you real quick. And I want you to be completely honest, too. You ready?

Do you love yourself?

I ain’t talking about bein’ all cocky and boastful about havin’ it made.

I’m talkin’ about feeling worthy enough and accepting yourself no matter how many mistakes you’ve made.