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Free Book Promotion! Get It Before Offer Ends!


Within the first three weeks of its release, my Kindle book So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion has been, thankfully, impacting so many people’s lives. Remy and I are so overwhelmed by all the positive responses we’ve been receiving from people who said it spoke the language of their heart. Wow! It’s such GOOD NEWS for us to hear!

But wait! I have more good news!

Are you ready?

For a limited time only, So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion is now FREE on until February 22! Grab your copy here:

Click on this link —-> Free Book Promotion of “So You Thought You Knew: Letting Go of Religion”

Our heart is to see this message of unconditional love spread throughout the world and to especially help those who’ve been affected by fear-based religion.


To those who end up downloading this book for free, would you mind doing us a favor? Once you’re finished (or inspired at any point) with the book, would you mind doing at least two things? Can you:

1) WRITE A REVIEW on (it only takes a few minutes)

2) SHARE THIS BOOK with as many people as possible (via online or word of mouth)

Of course, you don’t have to. Us knowing that people are reading the book is already a big encouragement for us. But it’s something my wife and I would really appreciate.

A BIG THANKS to everyone who supported us during the process of this book. We learned a lot by self-publishing for the first time. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the PAPERBACK edition. It’s coming soon!

With much gratitude,

Josh and Remy

(Don’t forget to click on the link above to get your free copy today!)

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