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Are You Afraid to QUESTION Your Religious Beliefs? | Joshua Tongol

[The views shared in this video do not necessarily represent the views of the community]

In March 2013, Joshua Tongol was invited to speak to a community in Santa Cruz, CA. Aside from his preaching, he requested for intimate gatherings where people can discuss topics that are usually not brought up in the “church.”

Many questions came up. Nothing was too sacred to mention in this meeting. The purpose was to ask the “WHAT IF?” question and to also offer alternative explanations of certain ideas.

Whenever a “new” idea was proposed to the community, the question was asked, “IS IT POSSIBLE?” No one, including the speaker, claimed to have it all figured out. But all were invited to participate in the conversation.

Sadly, many religious fundamentalists (Christian and non-Christian) tend to be very dogmatic concerning certain theological doctrines. Yet there is much diversity among them. That being the case, IS IT OK TO QUESTION?

Questions to think about:

-What do you really believe? -Why do you believe? -Can your “truth” withstand scrutiny? -Can you listen to a different opinion other than yours without being offended? -Can you disagree with another person and still unite in love? -Can you feel safe enough in a gathering to share your heart without having to feel judged or condemned?

Josh has always envisioned gatherings where people can come together–with all their differences–yet still unite in love.

As you watch these videos, try to have an open heart and mind. And no matter what you may have been taught about God and/or the Bible…don’t forget to THINK for yourself.

Bless you on your journey…


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