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Are We Really Preaching the FINISHED WORK of Jesus Christ? (1/7) | Joshua Tongol

“Are We Really Preaching the FINISHED WORK of Jesus Christ?” (7 parts) Location: Light of the World, Makati City

Jesus is came to save ALL. Did He fail? Or did He succeed? Did He potentially save the world? Or did He save the world?

Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED.” But why is the “gospel” preached today as though it is UNFINISHED? Is it possible that many interpret “salvation verses” out of context without interpreting them in light of the FINISHED WORK ON THE CROSS?

What if the world was ALREADY RECONCILED? Would we focus so much on trying to ESCAPE THIS WORLD and damn the rest of humanity who don’t believe like us? Or would we learn to live with and love on one another because the KINGDOM is already here and now?

Sadly, much of what is believed as the “gospel” has created so much division, intolerance, hatred and wars. Ironically, many Christians cannot even agree with each other, yet each group thinks God is on their side and against everyone else.

It’s time to question, challenge and rethink what the GOOD NEWS really is for the world that God loves.

This sermon will create a huge paradigm shift for many people if they are open.

Please listen to the entire message (7 parts) in order to get the full context of what Joshua is saying.

Here are the things that will be covered in the message:

-Are We Really Preaching the finished work? -Does God accept you before you believe? -The secret that religion does not want you to know -Is Adam greater than Jesus? -Does God give us a choice? -The difference between believers and unbelievers -Do all roads lead to God?


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