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1-On-1 Coaching/Spiritual Direction With Joshua Tongol

Hey folks, Are you excited for 2015? Over the past two years I was able to write (and self-publish) 2 books, create over 100 videos and podcasts combined, travel and speak around the country, be interviewed on several shows, make time for my family, strengthen and enjoy my marriage, and much, much more! I’m living out my dreams. And thankfully, there’s still more to come! Now let me ask you a few questions: Were you able to achieve your goals in 2014? What are your dreams for 2015? Do you wake up every day inspired to make your dreams happen? For those with a religious background, are you at a place in your journey where you’re learning to let go of fear-based religion and need some “spiritual” direction? Well, whatever your answers are, I wanna let you know that I’m finally making available my personal, one-on-one coaching/spiritual guidance program for 2015 in these areas: • Personal • Ministry • Relationships • Shedding Religion • Achieving Your goals • Finding Purpose • Writing Your First Book • Self-Publishing If you’re interested in working with me, you can find out how at this link: Obviously, I cannot coach everyone, so it’s first-come first-serve. 2015 is gonna be awesome! Joshua Tongol


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