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Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up? (6/6) | Joshua Tongol

What is the real Gospel?

Sadly, the Gospel today is no longer GOOD NEWS. In many ways, the “good news” being preached today is really BAD NEWS. Many ministers today are preaching an angry, violent, and judgmental God where GOOD NEWS has lost it’s meaning.

The gospel of grace has turned into a gospel of performance. The God of peace has turned into a God of violence and hatred. And the God of unconditional love has turned into a God of “I love you IF…”

This sermon will create a huge paradigm shift for many people. Some will get upset, while others will be liberated.

Please listen to the entire message (6 parts) in order to get the full context of what Joshua is saying.

Here are the things that will be covered in the message:

-What is not the Gospel -A challenge to penal substitutionary theory -What (or Who) is the Gospel? -Adoption -Identification -Who is born again? -Why did Jesus come and die? -Jesus is greater than Adam -“Receiving” Christ -Saved by whose faith? -Biblical repentance -Why preach the Gospel?

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