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What About the RAPTURE and SECOND COMING OF CHRIST? | Joshua Tongol

Date: 3-22-14 Location: San Diego, CA

Ask yourself the question, “WHAT IF?”

Joshua was raised within the evangelical tradition. Throughout the years, he served as a teacher, pastor, and evangelist at several denominations such as: Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, and Assemblies of God. He also served as a missionary to the Philippines after graduating from seminary.

Although Joshua was the type to always ask questions during his early adult years, he finally found the courage to really question some of his “fundamental” beliefs he held to as an evangelical Christian. He began questioning his understanding of God, the Bible (inerrancy), grace, the gospel, eternal hell, Satan, interfaith, and even church.

Listen in as Joshua shares his heart and answers questions on important theological subjects. It might give you a different perspective on things.

Join the conversation. Leave your questions and comments below and we’ll try to address them in future videos.

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