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The Secret to Awesomeness Event (Talk + Q&A + Book Signing )

Awesomeness Tour Poster

Hello friends,

I hope you’ve been enjoying my podcasts and my recent spoken word video.

Many of you have been asking me when and where I’ll be speaking and well … the time has finally arrived!

We’ll be having our very first The Secret to Awesomeness Event here in the Philippines.

It’ll be a mind-bending afternoon of me giving talks on creating your reality, energetic healing, self-love, attracting money, and more! (With possible healing demonstrations and meditation exercises.)

If you’re not in the country (or even in Manila), then feel free to invite a friend who is!

BUT (and it’s a big one!) seats are limited! So you (and/or your friend) gotta register today in order to secure a spot!

*Free flowing coffee will be available throughout the entire event.

**SPECIAL PROMO: REGISTER TODAY and bring someone for FREE! That’s right, BUY ONE (ticket) GET ONE FREE!**


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