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How The Bible Can Be Dangerous (And Why Many Christians Don’t See It) | Audiobook

Here’s a free chapter on “The Bible” from my audiobook So You Thought You Knew.

I started reading the Bible at a very young age. I was told what to think about it and also what to assume about it as well. This book has helped me in so many different ways as I was growing up. But to be honest, there were some things I didn’t understand. So what did I do? I kept many of my inner thoughts/questions to myself.

But everything changed once I began to question it out loud. This is my journey.

Here are a couple things that will get you thinking by listening to this audio:

• Is the Bible true (inerrant)?

• Why do so many believers love it, while so many unbelievers detest it?

• Have you ever read the Bible from cover to cover?

• Is the Bible the “Word of God”?

• Does God speak apart from the Bible?

If this audio helps you in any way, please share it with others.

*For the complete version of the book (paperback, kindle, audio), you can order it here:

If you end up purchasing the complete book, I’d really appreciate it if you can RATE and REVIEW it. It only takes a few minutes. And it seriously helps a lot by allowing more people to discover the book as well.

Thanks again. And I hope this encourages you today.


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